Holding exclusive rights to all Hard Mojo products in Bermuda, Dendon Imports (importer of all natural enhancers and goods including, but not limited to, Hard Mojo) is a new, locally-owned company based in the island of Bermuda that provides health supplements with guaranteed satisfaction for those seeking all-natural alternatives that yield no side effects.


In today’s global market, there are a plethora of artificial supplements and foods available. As we look towards a brighter, “greener,” future for consumers, our mission is to provide a pro-health environment consisting of all-natural foods and dietary supplements.

Our ultimate goal is to have our customers feel confident, relaxed, and secure with the superior value they will receive when using our products. Ladies, rest assure female supplements are underway and we will update our site upon their release.

Quality customer service • Reasonable costs • Guaranteed delivery • Personal, confidential transactions