Hard Mojo

The world’s only Organic Herbal Erectile Dysfunction treatment that strengthens erections and enhances the libido for 3 days of multiple rock hard erections!

hard mojo

Formulated from organic compounds obtained from worldwide locations, the organics that are utilized in the formulation of Hard Mojo are of the highest pharmaceutical grade quality available and provide maximum potency. Unlike most Organic Ed medications Hard Mojo is manufactured in the United States by reputable pharmaceutical labs.

Hard Mojo was studied and trialed by 121 men age 23 to 73. Its potency and success had a 94% erection rate enabling vaginal penetration. The duration of potency had an average time span of 50 hours and repeated full erections averaged during this time was 5 per single dosage. There are no side effects.

Who’s Selling Hard Mojo in Bermuda:

Summers Supermart

Churchill’s St. George

Cousin’s Variety St. George

St. David’s Auto Mart

Rubis Blue Hole Hill

Fresh & New Devil’s Hole

Esso Tiger Market Crawl Hill

Howards Variety Devonshire

Terceira’s Gas Station

Yardie’s Kitchen

C Mart

Point Mart

Down To Earth

Eve’s Garden

BIU Gas Station

V & L’s Variety

Fish n Tings

Nature’s Aromes King Street

Just Rite

Paget Rubis Gas Station

Ord Road Family Variety

Reason’s in Warwick

Henry’s Pantry

Sandy’s Esso Gas Station

Boaz Island Marine Service

Pier 61 Dockyard

Caesar’s Pharmacy Somerset