Hard Mojo: No Side Effects

100% safe

Hard Mojo is by far more potent, and much more effective, than any male enhancement product that you need a doctor’s prescription for – like Viagra or Cialis – and those pills can all have side effects, especially if you eat or drink alcohol. Hard Mojo is the only natural formulation that works with food and alcohol intake. Unlike prescription medications, food and alcohol have no effect on Hard Mojo thanks to its all-natural ingredients.

There are no adverse side effects with Hard Mojo and it is fully guaranteed to give you the fullest erection for easy, deep penetration – or your money back. Hard Mojo is 100% safe for use by diabetics with no adverse side effects. Also, there are no physical or cardiovascular side effects associated with the use of Hard Mojo.

Safety standards

To ensure the absolute highest quality and safety, we use one of the leading Pharmaceutical manufacturers in the United States to produce our unique Hard Mojo formula in FDA certified facilities following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). This means we follow the 21 safety and quality steps required when manufacturing products for human consumption. Most supplements do not take this step when manufacturing because they are not required by law to do so. We believe extra quality and safety assurances are worth the extra cost.

Yes, it costs about 80% more to produce Hard Mojo in the U.S. to GMP standards versus China, India, Malaysia, Africa (as some inferior products are) but this way we can ensure that all Hard Mojo ingredients are pure and it meets all U.S. FDA Manufacturing Standards.

Case studies

Hard Mojo was studied and tried by 802 men, ages 24 to 73. Its potency and success had a 96% erection rate enabling vaginal penetration for hours. The effective duration averaged 77 hours with multiple, full erections averaging 6 per single dosage. There are no side effects (other than erections could last beyond the four hour threshold). This occurred in less than 2% of those who participated in the trial.

Based upon the Microbiological results of the sample listed above, and as far as the analyses performed were able to asses for the presence or absence of specific pathogens, the product represented by the sample analyzed would appear to be wholesome and fit for human consumption.