George S
George S Phoenix, AZ
My wife is 56 and I am 71 and due to certain health conditions I have not been able to take the current Prescription pills on the market. I purchased 1 pill and brought it to my doctor with its ingredient list. He told me its all organic and said try it. This was the first time in 8 years I was able to get and maintain an erection. We made love 3 times in 2 days. I now take 1 pill every 3 days and I am catching up for lost time daily.
Mark D
Mark D West Palm Beach, FL
Ive tried em all. Enzyte, Extenze, ViSwiss, pumps, penis rings etc…. They don’t work! I tried Viagra and my vision went to blue for 12 hours and it made my sinus’s stuffy. I saw this product in a Mens magazine touting 100% organic with no ill side effects. I tried it and its exactly as described. I had a full erection [that was really stiff] and its effects to get an erection lasted for me just over 2 days. I have been using [Hard Mojo] for 3 months and I am very pleased and never have to worry about a stiffy on demand.
Rod New Jersey
WOW… I cant believe your product man!!! WOW… I purchased one pill just to see if it would work. The whole time I’m waiting I’m thinking this is going to be a waste of money, no way one pill can do what they say. I popped it in and waited. 2 hours later not only was I at full attention but when my woman touched me “there” oh my goodness was I sensitive. I mean I could feel things I never felt in my life… add to that, I had an erection that was not letting me down!!! Needless to say you got me, I ordered a full bottle and I’m going to always keep this stuff around.
Dave Fairfax, VA
I am a diabetic with other complications. I purchased a single pack of [Hard Mojo] and tried it last weekend. I couldn’t believe the effect! I was as erect as I have ever been since my teens. I was able to perform with my wife 4 times over a 3 day span. I just purchased a [pack] today. I am 68 and feel 16!
David Atlanta, GA
This is the only Organic Medication that did just what it was made to do. 1 pill and 3 days of rock hard sex. I tried others but this was the golden pill.
Vern Salt Lake City, UT
Well I used to take Cialis and the side effect for me was severe back aches. I bought a [pack] of [Hard Mojo] and took 1 pill and in 1 hour I [had a full, hard erection]. It gave me the best erection I could have not imagined. I [made love to] my [woman] 3 times in one night with total control. It lasted almost 4 days and no back aches! Great job [Hard Mojo]!